Corporate Trainings

  • Do you project a coherent message?
  • Do you want to increase your personal impact?
  • Do you want to make your personal influence more effective and efficient?

Within three seconds people make snap decisions about you. Are you someone to approach or to avoid? Someone to be taken seriously? Are you playful, confident, open, fun, trustworthy or competent? In business and also personal interactions, first impressions are crucial.

Carina Personal Styling advises professionals exude self-confidence and also warmth. An effective leader has business knowledge and is also approachable and engageable. “My strength is that I can immediately translate your own style to a certain situation in a way that says you,” says Carina.

What do you wear? What kind of impression do you make? What do you wear? How do you use clothing as a communication tool? Carina lets you think about how you want to come across and how you can take into account the various roles (and cultures) that you’re dealing with. She challenges you to get out of your comfortzone. The main thing is that you feel good! What matters is that you project a coherent message.

You discover how you can show off your own style in an authentic way. “I believe that clothing rules are not applicable to every person and every situation. There are guidelines and rules of thumb you can apply to various situations,” says Carina van der Kloet from CPS. She gives practical tips you can use every day.

Carina Personal Styling offers various corporate styling trainings – also customized. Carina van der Kloet is happy to discuss your needs and the possibilities. Her team of specialists is ready for you. Interested? Contact Carina Personal Styling.

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