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Carina’s Blog

Interesting articles about fashion and style. Do you have a question for Carina? Ask your question here and Carina will blog about it.

Stylish Mini-Event: Holiday Season

The Stylish Mini-Event took place on Sunday 25 November at a newly opened fashion boutique Eloise est Mignonne, www.eloise-est-mignonne.com on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. Eloise est Mignonne has basic elegant and vitage clothing. During the Stylish Mini-Event we had two models showing various outfits for the Holiday Season. Carina explained how to create different looks that make you look visible and transform basic clothing items into festive outfits. Participants asked questions and tryed on clothes and got styling tips after the fashion show.


Stylish Mini-Event: New Fall Trends

Stylish Mini-Event: New Fall Trends

During the Stylish Mini-Event in September about  the new fall trends, participants learned how to make the new fall trends work for themselves and express their own personality. They tried on clothes and got styling tips.

Fashion Show in Tassenmuseum

We organized an inspirational fashion show ‘Get Noticed, Be Heard’ about how to express your personality through your clothes and accessories. The show will take place during Amsterdam Fashion Week / downtown program on Sunday 15 July from 2.30-5pm at the TassenMuseum (Herengracht 573, Amsterdam). Models were‘real’ women wearing Dutch fashion designs specifically chosen to show off their personality.

We often get stuck wearing the same clothing styles and colors that do nothing for us. How can you break this pattern? How can you get out of that comfort zone but still feel comfortable with the way you look? Carina van der Kloet of Carina Personal Styling explains how to bring a personal twist to your outfits and create different looks that help express your personality.

The fashion show featured Dutch fashion designers and retailers: clothes by Marcha Hϋskes, Atelier LeonLeon, Brown Clothes, Young Designers United, Monique Collignon, Irene Heldens, Yeliz Yakar, Stephanie Mazier, vintage by Carla Palermo, jewelry by Bettina Swaab, Lucia Loyo and bags by Depster Design, April in Amsterdam and hats by Petsalon, Mirjam Nuver.

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