Personal Impact Training

Clothing is a form of communication and affects your behavior. How do you come across? What kind of impression do you give and does it coincide with the image you want to project? “My strength is that I immediately can translate your own style to a certain (business) situation in a way that says you,” says Carina van der Kloet.

Together with our clients we organize corporate styling trainings that improve targets of organization and employees. CPS designs and provides custom made styling trainings attuned to your needs and goals of our clients.

To achieve the best long term results we offer ‘interactive’ theory with the story behind the clothes in combination with giving personal feedback. Both parts complement each other. They reinforce each other.

During part 1 you become aware of the message you convey with your clothes. You get practical insight in the effect of clothes. You discover what colors can do for you. Certain colors make you look healthy, energetic and, youthful. You get suggestions about ‘what to wear’ and ‘what not to wear’. Deel 2 consists of personal styling feedback. What impression do you want to give? Carina van der Kloet makes a quick link between how you think you come across, what she sees and translates this in concrete advice.

Below you can find more information about part 1 and part 2.

  • Part 1: plenary part Communication of Clothes
  • Part 1 takes half a day
  • Below you can find a few subjects we can cover:
    How do you use clothing as a communication tool?
    How can you translate your clothing style to various situations?
    What impression do you give and does it coincide with you how want to come across?
    How can you dress as a professional (business) woman in a man’s world?
  • Part 2: individual styling sessions
  • Take 10 minutes to one hour per person
  • The personal styling feedback can be plenary or individually planned
  • How do you come across? You get styling feedback on the impression you give and get advice on how you can accentuate certain personal qualities
  • Special attention for best colors and cut

Amount of people varies between 10 to 25 people.

Do you have any questions or would you like to receive more information? Carina van der Kloet of CPS is happy to advise you on the different styling options. Her team of specialists is ready for you. Want to know more? Just contact us.

During the corporate styling advice Carina van der Kloet gave great business styling advice. Wat is done and not done and how can you empower your verbal message with what you wear. She gave styling suggestions and her feedback was always direct yet very respectful. After the training participants could sign up for individual styling sessions.
Carina van der Kloet is a great observer and during the personal
styling sessions she quickly and clearly assessed what type of person someone is. She underlines how you want to come across and translates that in a well fitted advice.
Without having asked all of the participants, I’m sure that everyone will greatly benefit with Carina’s tips. She gave us eye-openers!” Lea Jaspar van SABIC Women’s Network.

We underwent the training with the whole management team. It wasn’t only surprising what the influence is of colors and clothes on how you come across. It also gave energy to do it as a team,” Léon Wijnands, Director Sales & Service Call of ING

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